ICT Series 7

Episode 17 On the daily chart price will be drawn to previous swing lows where liquidity is located and to round numbers where you can target exits. The New York Kill Zone is from 7am to 10am on forex. This timeframe is where you can hunt your entries for the anticipated short set-up and target… Continue reading ICT Series 7

ICT Series 6

Episode 13 Using a top down approach on the daily charts determines that the applicable trading direction is long. On the hourly chart an area of buyside liquidity is identified. A reversal is created by an order block and a fair value gap appears on the 5min chart. This is where we begin to take… Continue reading ICT Series 6

ICT Series 5

Episode 10 Bearish Power of 3 If we are bearish on the daily bais then we can expect the next trading days candle to open, rally higher, and close at the near the low of the day. Here is a closer look at the phenomenon from New York Open. The daily bais is bearish. Price… Continue reading ICT Series 5

ICT Series 4

Episode 7 A high/low range is defined on the Nasdaq 15min chart with the anticipation of price taking out the stops on the lower end of the range. The same range forms on a correlated 15min chart on the S&P500. A fair value gap forms on the 2min S&P 500 chart after taking out the… Continue reading ICT Series 4

ICT Series 3

Episode 5 On the 15min chart to determine your high and lows that will be stop hunted look to the previous session and mark off the swing highs and swing lows. Move down to the 5min chart and when market structure breaks down with a sizable candle anticipate price to move into the fair market… Continue reading ICT Series 3

ICT Series 2

Congratulations to ICT (Inner Circle Trader) for 30 years of trading now lets recap mentorship videos 3 & 4, lets get started. Episode 3 A range has formed and we can anticipate price to stop hunt thoseliquidity pools on the 15min chart. We move to a 2min chart to take a closer look without any… Continue reading ICT Series 2

ICT Series 1

I want to thank ICT (Inner Circle Trader) Michael Huddleston for sharing his mentorship with everyone for free. This is my concise breakdown of his teachings from Episode 1 & 2 which totals roughly 1.5 hours of instructions. Here is my concise ( cut to the chase ) translation of it. Episode 1: If you… Continue reading ICT Series 1