ICT Series 3

Episode 5

On the 15min chart to determine your high and lows that will be stop hunted look to the previous session and mark off the swing highs and swing lows.


Move down to the 5min chart and when market structure breaks down with a sizable candle anticipate price to move into the fair market value zone.


Episode 6

Defining the fair value gap;

2022 ICT Mentorship Episode 6 10-10 screenshot

Defining a Market Structure Shift;

Market Structure Shift -1

Defining a Bullish Fair Value Gap

Bullish FVG-1

Defining a Bullish Market Structure Shift

Bullish Market Structure Shift-1

The Trading View platform requires a minimum of 15USD monthly subscription for replay, I am using a forex/CFD/crypto software simulator that works with MT4 called: www.soft4fx.com

Here is the link to download the fair value gap indicator.

Back Test the ICT Method in MT4 using Soft4Fx


Replicate the Order Blocks, Fair Value Gaps and Liquidity Pools.


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