ICT Series 7

Episode 17

On the daily chart price will be drawn to previous swing lows where liquidity is located and to round numbers where you can target exits.


The New York Kill Zone is from 7am to 10am on forex. This timeframe is where you can hunt your entries for the anticipated short set-up and target your exits near the round number.


Episode 18

Our daily analysis of price gives us a daily bias based off the fair value gap that price will run above the previous daily candle before heading lower.


We are anticipating a run higher above yesterday’s high to stop hunt but then initial move lower. The entry can be identified on the 15min. chart and preciously entered on the 5min. chart.


Episode 19

Although your daily bias could be long in nature there are still opportunities to go short or contrarian to the daily bais.


Your daily bias can be tested by candles not exactly performing how you anticipated but that should not change your decision of your analysis as it sometimes just takes patience.


On the analysis of the daily charts a fair value gap was filled and swing low is formed our daily bais would be bullish for the next trading session.


A bullish set up appears after the market has absorbed all the sellside liquidity it pivots higher reaching for the buyside liquidity.


The execution of the entry can be done on the 1min. chart in a fair value gap.


Episode 20

On the 2min chart a high is created on the London Open and a shorting opportunity is present by creating a fair market value gap for an entry and an imbalance exit point if held past the 50% level between the high and the low.


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Replicate the Order Blocks, Fair Value Gaps and Liquidity Pools.


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