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BUILD your trading algorithm!

Algorithm /ˈalɡərɪð(ə)m/
A step-by-step procedure that must be followed in a fixed order for accomplishing some end result.

Step 1: Learn the algorithm

1.) ATR (what is the ATR?)

2.) Baseline (what is the baseline?)

3.) Primary Confirmation Indicator (what is this?)

4.) Secondary Confirmation Indicator (what is this?)

5.) Volume Indicator (what is volume?)

6.) Exit Indicator (what is the exit indicator?)

Step 2: Let’s Start Building

☞ Forex Software I use to back test everything

☞ How to Back Test: Lessons 1 ~ 23

All the templates here:

☞ Top 100 Indicators

☞ 75 Veteran Approved Indicators

☞ Websites w/ over 10,000 new indicators.

71 Quant Indicators MT4

BUILD your trading algorithm by fusing it with Quant software

Strategy Quant X – Custom Projects Downloads

1000 premade strategies from Strategy Quant X

Strategy Quant Lesson 5 Builder Template Config

9 new indicators for strategy quant and MT4/MT5

4 Strategy Quant Work Flows

1 Excellent Strategy Quant Work Flow EURUSD-1Hr

What is the budget for buying the software?
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The easiest prop firm to work for is the Ultra Capital Fund for any traders that want the lowest fees to join with lenient rules that you can maintain for a lifetime. (why I think they are the best?)

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The same rules apply for the evaluation: profit target 6%, drawdown level – 8%, the payout is much larger for the 200,000K plan.

For personal reasons, this plan is that best suited for myself. Plus, I am adding the addition of gold and silver which cost an additional 100USD.

The budget looks like this: 799USD + 100USD = 899USD using the coupon code: Ultradiscount = 5% off = 854.04USD

(why I think this plan is best suited

for everyone that wants to trade for a living)

Use VPS Servers for MT4/MT5

(why use a VPS server for forex trading on MT4/MT5)

I am using:

E-mail :