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Algorithm /ˈalɡərɪð(ə)m/
A step-by-step procedure that must be followed in a fixed order for accomplishing some end result.

Forex Algorithm

1.) ATR

2.) Baseline

3.) Primary Confirmation Indicator

4.) Secondary Confirmation Indicator

5.) Volume Indicator

6.) Exit Indicator

Metal Algorithm (incl/ Oils, Index ETFs, or Crypto)

1.) ATR

2.) Baseline (not used)

3.) Primary Confirmation Indicator

4.) Secondary Confirmation Indicator

5.) Volume Indicator  (used only for price reversals)

6.) Exit Indicator

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☞ No Nonsense Forex Newcomer Starter Guide

If you are new to trading then you are probably asking yourself these questions:

Is trading like gambling?

If you are trading using your gut feeling, astrological predictions or quick insights from neighbors, then yes, trading really is like gambling. However, if you are trading while managing your risks and probabilities/tactics, professional trading (the knowledge of which we share here) is much more like science.

Can you lose all your money trading?

By following the methodology shared on this website, there is absolutely no way you will lose all of your money trading.  This is because we guide you through the steps of creating a demo account and practicing using the software stimulator.  That way, when you are ready to use a live account, at the start of your journey your risk should be as low as 0.25% per trade.

Is learning how to trade worth it?

Learning how to trade professionally is a great investment of your time. After you have invested the time to learn about the financial markets and how to extract money from them effectively, you can essentially work from anywhere in the world and you will never be unemployed. There are not many career fields that offer such opportunities.

How much can I earn as a beginner?

After I had spent time practicing and mastering my short-term trading strategy with simulators and my demo account, I decided to take the plunge and apply a new strategy using a live account. I started with a cautious amount of money and took low risks. After 6 months I earned $5000 USD. This was using one type of strategy to trade – if you were to combine multiple strategies, you could expect to earn much more. 

Is trading too complicated for beginners?

Trading can seem overwhelming as there are a variety of strategies, timeframes and types of items to trade. However, I can assure you that strategies will become quickly familiar and eventually repetitive (with some slight variances). Once you have reached that point in learning phase, you can work on mastering the techniques you have chosen.

If this sounds good, then…

Congratulations on your decision to further educate yourself in regards to the financial market and trading professionally.  By making this decision you have joined the elite group of individuals who have knowledge that a large percentage of the country do not have.  You can rest assured that you are not missing out on financial opportunities that will essentially determine the way you will live the rest of your life.


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