ICT Series 2

Congratulations to ICT (Inner Circle Trader) for 30 years of trading now lets recap mentorship videos 3 & 4, lets get started.

Episode 3

A range has formed and we can anticipate price to stop hunt those
liquidity pools on the 15min chart.


We move to a 2min chart to take a closer look without any annotations.


The entry point is in the same position as Lesson 2 and our exit point
looks to be the same area as before which was 50% level of the new high and low formed from the stop hunts.


Additional exit points are taught. On the rally up the higher lows can
be used as exit points to exit your short position.


How do we know if there is a market structure shift changing the state of delivery?

Essentially the u-turn that price does on each side of the stop hunts
is where market structure shifts and the price is now delivering in
the opposite direction.

1min. Market Shift

These small signatures as the price breaks through signal price is
now delivering in the opposite direction attacking the sell stops
on the previous run up.

1min Market Shift - 1

When are the Session Highs and Lows Formed?

London Session 2am-5am (E.T.)

New York Session 7am-10am (E.T.)

Asian Session 7pm-9pm (E.T.)

The hours to trade: 8:30am-11:00 (E.T.)

Episode 4

Here is a similar range bound price set-up and examples defining what a Fair Value Gap is with some examples.

On a 2min Chart a fair value gap is a space that seems to contain unfilled liquidity as price has breaks down through it quickly we can anticipate price to go back into this area.

This is the area in which we want to enter short letting us enter at the best price.

FVG -1

Here was another example of a trade with price moving a little less defined as previous examples and with a exit point that is less defined but exiting on a higher low as the price runs up looks like a defined exit point.


Back Test the ICT Method in MT4 using Soft4Fx


Replicate the Order Blocks, Fair Value Gaps and Liquidity Pools.


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