Hello everyone, my name is Dave and I live in Japan. Thank you for visiting my site.

This site is the No Nonsense Forex, precious metals, oil, and index method of trading introduced to me by VP. Please know that I do not know VP, I have never spoken or met him and I do not have his contact information or any affiliation to him.

I watched my first VP video in December 2018 on youtube and from that point I started learning as much as I could about forex trading and regressed to a Windows computer from a Mac so that I could use the MT4 software.

To be honest I am skeptical of anyone in the forex internet community especially in any chatroom, message board, telegram, facebook or discord groups. I am not a part of any of them.

Anyone in the professional financial field does not chat online so you are learning from a novice who doesn’t know anything more than you do.

For anyone that is new to forex or for that matter stock trading please know that the online information available for ‘learning how to trade’ is full of shady charlatans.

Many are ghoulish immoral individuals or companies looking for naïve sheep with stars in their eyes looking for a way to find some employment or to financially escape their dire situation.

The forex companies who sell services are excellent at marketing themselves as the answer to difficult situations and easy money in the marketplace.

Please know that I cannot guarantee you that VP is a good person with a sound set of morals and there is no proof that his method is guaranteed to work for you.

If you read about VPs mentor, the Inner Circle Trader, you will read many horrible reviews with many of his students having severe animosity towards him. This is not a good sign but now that you have entered into the forex world it seems like a consistent pattern.

In 2005, MT4 started and because of the internet we can look back in time and see there is online proof there are many broken forex hearts who tried and failed.

There was literally thousands of ‘teachers’ , ‘courses’ , ‘guides’, and indicators 10 years ago that have come and gone and are now in a forex graveyard and they all promised financial freedom and a new way of life beyond a 9-5 job.

Don’t believe me?

Use the way back when machine and search my domain name and tell me what you find.

I am telling you this so you can put in perspective your endeavor while learning the No Nonsense Forex method in an objective manner. Dont think this is your way out.

I want to make sure you know that success in forex is not guaranteed.  You should look at everything objectively and know that the internet and financial industry is full of people who will sell essentially anything to you and lie.

Yes, people will lie. They do not have your best interest in mind, so be on your guard.

This site’s purpose is solely to be able to give you the best, most concise information for following all the No Nonsense Forex methodology so that you can follow the method correctly.

I enjoy learning this method very much and work on it everyday. I took on the information and made my own algorithm and decided to go ahead and join a prop firm before I was ready because I was so excited and had stars in my eyes back in September 2019.

I failed my evaluation after 5 months. I am not an expert trader who has all the answers. I am not smarter than you and definitely not an expert. Although after my experience I have begun to rethink my algorithm and I am trying again.

Essentially making a better algorithm and discovering new forex indicators to swap out will be our task for our entire No Nonsense forex endeavor.

Searching through the graveyard of previous forex indicators within systems that were created many years ago will be something of a normal routine.  VP states he has tested thousands of indicators, thousands? yes, thousands. For myself I have only reached a few hundred at the time of writing this.

Currently, I am making a new NNFX algorithm with software that I review here: forex simulation software

I hope that something on my website can help you avoid making mistakes that I made and you can make a successful algorithm for yourself.

There is money to be made within the lines of someone who lives with a good sense of morality. This site is here to promote that morality in forex trading and other financial product trading.

-Dave (nononsensetrader.com@gmail.com)