VPS Servers for Forex Trading on MT4

The Top 4 forex VPS providers for professional trading

85% of all forex trading traffic is completed by automated trading robots on VPS servers

What exactly is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting used for when trading forex?

It is pretty clear and simple. This allows you to trade forex and other financial products 24/7 using a professionally designed forex automated trading robot to trade for you at all times without you physically doing anything but checking that it is doing its job correctly.

What are the benefits of using a VPS for forex?

Use an automated trading robot. A trading robot must have consent connection to the markets and a VPS allows this. The robots are made for trading platforms called MT4 and MT5 and the trading robots are specifically called Expert Advisors. To learn more about designing your own trading robot check out our website.

A 24 hour connection to the forex markets. A regular retail trader will pick a convenient time to start trading when they are not working their day job. When you use a forex VPS server it is connected to the forex markets at all times and it never turns off or goes to sleep. A VPS is a consent necessary connection to the forex trading markets.

An uncompromised network on world wide servers. When you are connected with a home network, the connection is provided from your computer to your local provider. When you connect with a VPS server you are connected to a worldwide network so if for some reason one connection went down, your trading data would still be saved by the other servers across the globe.

1.) AccuWeb Hosting ( )

In my opinion this forex hosting plan provides the best bang for buck option for traders looking to get started in a forex VPS hosting plan. The head office is located in the USA and they provide forex VPS with full root access, 24 x 7 uninterrupted SSD stable windows preinstalled with 14+ VPS locations. In addition, you can run multiple MT4/MT5 terminals on a plan 12USD per month. This is as good as it gets!

2. ) Forex VPS ( )

The name of this company states exactly what they focus on. I would say they have all the good qualities of AccuWeb Hosting but the price point is a little higher although their main advantage is partnering with brokers that you are already with and having the broker pay for the VPS server that you are using. They are currently working together with IC Markets, Pepperstone, FX Primus and Instaforex.

3.) My Forex VPS ( )

The My forex VPS differs from the above because it offers the lowest prices since it divides its plans into micro types that will still support a MT4/MT5 terminal with all the above services but you can only load 1 terminal and be sure not to add to much extra data to files. This is a bare bones way of working BUT it is actually quite clever because if your trading robot only needs a terminal, 2 indicators and an expert advisor, then you are good to go. The only disadvantage would be lack of adding many MT4/MT5 terminals.

4.) FXVM ( )

Last but not least is FXVM. This company is a great choice too especially if you are not a native English speaker. They offer language support in English, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Chinese. So if you are not a native English speaker you definitely want to go with these guys since any technical issues you might have will be solved by their tech support group. The price is competitive and they are rock solid with all the VPS important points such as low latency, 24 x 7 uninterrupted service, multiple terminals, global servers.

5. ) Bonus – Contabo (

Before you pull the trigger match any of your choices against these guys. I started using them because they had a 10 Core, 60GB RAM, 1 TB Hosting plan that allowed me to put my Strategy Quant X Software that will compute all of my trading algorithms and figure those out for me instead of running my desktop all day all night it is now done on their hosting servers along with as many MT4/MT5 terminals as I want since there is so much room. It is the best choice for an all in one heavy user who is serious about Quant Trading and having MT4/5 Terminals all in one place.

To Conclude:

The Forex VPS space is ripe with many options for many different types of forex traders and all of the choices above are great in their own way. If you want to be a successful trader in the trading robot/expert advisor space having a VPS server to add MT4/MT5 trading terminals to is the way to go.

Good Luck and Happy Trading!

VPS Servers for Forex Trading on MT4

Why do you want/need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for trading?

The purpose of having a VPS server is because when you are running MT4/MT5 program on your computer as soon as you close the program, sleep your computer, or turn off your computer, any automatic trading methods will no longer work.

This part of MT4/MT5 is called a EA(Expert Advisor) which in my opinion should be called something like automated trading robot since this is exactly what they do!

The first time I realized that if you have an EA installed it would stop working as soon as your computer went to sleep is when I was using an EA that automatically moved my stop loss to break even after a certain amount of pips. As soon as I went to check on the trade on my computer I noticed the EA did not move my stop loss to break even. I was like what the heck is going on here.

Ooooohhh…. So MT4/MT5 stop working as soon as your computer is off or asleep. Oh geez I thought, so some people keep their computers on all day. The answer is some people yes, they keep the computer going all day everyday but the other option is a VPS.

What is that?

It is like having a windows computer running in the cloud that never turns off and you just open it up like a window browser on either your windows computer or mac.

That is the way to keep running an EA (Expert Advisor) all day everyday on MT4/MT5 and not having to worry about your computer. It is running up the cloud and can be accessed whenever you want.

But why would you want this and what is an EA?

Essentially the vision of the founders of MT4/MT5 were for us to not manually trade on the software but essentially automate our trading strategies and create automated trading robots which they have named expert advisors(EAs).

So maybe everyone out there is doing their trading manually because you have been taught this way but wouldn’t it be better if your entire trading method was automated and then you didn’t have to do anything.

Of course it is a better way and less likely for human error and eliminate bad trading human intervention or what they call, the psychology of trading.

(I am going to show you how to do this part later using quantitative software to do the backtesting and strategy creation and have a MT4 or MT5 EA to use)

SO exactly what reasons would you want to make a VPS?

Two main reasons,

  • You want to use an EA and have that trading for you all day everyday, the computer must stay on to run MT4 or MT5.
  • You have a MAC and you cannot run MT4/MT5 on it. So you get a VPS and download this item called Remote Desktop in the App store. Now you have a virtual windows program and you can use it on your MAC. You can use MT4 or MT5 flawlessly.

After I figured out exactly how a VPS works I was a bit overwhelmed on which one to get. There are way too many companies. SO which one to get?

Here is the run down. The monthly price is 12USD w/

They are located in USA, 18 years in business, and ready to set-up promptly!

This one is the best because you can run up to 4 separate MT4/MT5 terminals.That means up to 4 strategies at once.

If you see a company offering anything VPS free, it means they are going to charge you 50USD per month after the trial using a data plan.

If you see a company offering anything for 5USD per month. It is going to be in Eurozone – Amsterdam, Russia, Estonia or Bulgaria. It will be sketchy, brown-out power off resets which turns off the EA, or hacking and getting all your account information stolen.

I looked at them all w/ you get quality at what I think is a cheap as they can make it.

I hope this research helps you out and lets you understand VPS servers for trading on MT4/MT5 and using an Expert Advisor that will let you trade without doing any of the manual trading work or just being able to use your Mac computer to run MT4/MT5. I wish I learned this earlier.