Strategy Quant Lab Course FX Settings

If you do not know what strategy quant x is you can check it out here: – get the free trial if you end up wanting to purchase it use these coupons and get it cheaper.

This is the basic notes from the Strategy Quant Course that was taught by Strategy Lab.

I include my summary notes of the lesson and a config template for those you just want to get started set it up in the builder right away to create some strategies.

Default Forex Strategy

What to build tab – Simple Strategy

Genetic Options – switched off last generation – for island #1 only

Data – change your currency to a UTC+2, start date 2003.5.5 end 2019.6.30, H1 timeframe, slippage 1, no out of sample setting since last two years will be saved for the end.

Trading Options – Leave it as is with Exit on Friday

Building Blocks – Default selection

ATM – Default selection

Money Management – Default selection

Cross Checks – Turn off backtest on additional markets, higher back test precision set spread to 2.5 (same as data column), add filtering conditions within higher backtest precision same as ranking filters which are profit factor 1.3, average trades per month 2, Ret/DD Ratio 4.

Double click on each condition and change to higher backtest precision backtest.

Ranking – Default selection

Here is the config for the above to download FX settings for creating strategies in Strategy Quant.

It takes my computer under 5 minutes to create 1000 strategies I have a AMD 5950 CPU with 32 RAM.

For those who do not have a great computer and want a 1000 strategy package to participate in the lessons without having to generate reach out to me and I will hook you up :


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