Strategy Quant X Coupon Codes

If you decide to buy the Strategy Quant X Software then here are two types of coupon codes you can use when you buy the software.

Offical Strategy Quant Website:

What is the budget for buying the software?

Professional Edition

Two ways to pay: Payment Plan or One Time Payment.

What is the difference: If you pay with a payment plan you get 180USD off and you roughly budget 109USD per month.

Payment Plan (12 monthly Installments) w/ coupon code

Coupon Code: strategyquant180offplan 

The total budget start to finish would look like this: 1490USD – 180USD = 1310USD / 12 months = 109USD per month

If you made the payment in One Payment you get 200USD off.

One-time Payment w/ coupon code

Coupon Code: strategyquant200off

The total budget is: 1490USD – 200USD  =  1290USD

So if you have enough money you are saving 20USD to make the entire payment all at once but if not then it is not a big deal to use the payment plan option.

– I’m Dave, the guy who is writing all this!

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