Prop Firm

Are you a serious retail trader that would liked to get hired to trade for a propreitary firm and split profits? Apply to trade for a prop firm!

Retail traders can take advantage of firms capital and trade a much larger account size then if they were to fund themselves.

Talented and Skilled traders apply to become a part of the prop firm and trade within their designated drawdown limits.

Once they have shown their trading skills the trader is funded with an account which they will split the profits together with the prop firm.

Not all Prop Firms are created equal. Stay away from prop firms with:

  • Massive upfront fees; such as education fees.
  • Undisclosed location (or a third world country)
  • Unreasonably/Tight drawdown limits.

At the moment I can only recommend one prop firm and many of my trader collegues have been hired by them with great reviews.

They are located in Australia and are fully regulated with the ASIC with investor backed funding using a regulated broker.

They have the most acheivable prop plans with a low risk high value trading condition with a simple easy 6% target and 8% absolute draw down.

Up to a 80% profit share scaling from 200k to 2,000,000 trading 56 markets. Check out Ultra Capital Fund:

If you decide to join them use the coupon code: ultra10off and you can get 10% off when you apply for your evaluation.

By Dave

I'm Dave. I help inspire traders to become professional and trade for a living.