My Brokers

I am currently using two brokers to trade in Japan.

I haven’t done a ton of research of all the Brokers offered in Japan but I have done some and I think I chose the best ones.

For Forex (and in the future CFDs, Metals & Oil) I am currently using OANDA Japan ( ) They were the only ones located in Japan that offered both Forex, Metals and CFDs for MT4.

Many that offered Forex, Metals, and CFDs that were Japanese were actually all located in Cyprus.

Although I know they operate in Cyprus because of the low tax rate I guess there is some sort of stigma for me when I hear the country Cyprus… I think Binary Options, Online Poker or just scammy Eastern European. This is just a stereotype. They could be good but I like the fact that OANDA has to pass Japanese regulations to operate here. At least I know there is some oversight.

The other brokers in Japan (like IG) didn’t check all of the boxes. All the currency pairs, CFDs and Metals along with MT4. They didn’t have it. If you know any good ones for Japan that are actually located in Japan, let me know and I’ll add them for everyone in a list.

For stocks and ETFs I use Interactive Brokers USA and Japan: &

The Trader Work Station interface was super hard for me to learn and I spent about 6 months working with it on DEMO before I starting investing my real money.

The only reason I joined was because my friend introduced them to me and was telling me it was only 1 dollar fee to trade.

When I compared that at the time to other brokers that had 10-15 fees I thought Interactive Brokers was the best.

So much has changed now and brokers are now free. I am sure there is an easier option but I filled out so much paper work to be able to work with these people along with figuring out and streaming the bank transfer of money that I don’t want to do that again.

I don’t have any complaints except I think Interactive Brokers is for advanced traders which is something I am not.