Why to buy the Titan Game Chair

Why to buy the Titan Gaming Chair by secretlab.co

I bought 2 chairs; the  Titan PU Leather & Titan Soft-weave. Both of the chairs are for working, trading forex and backtesting forex are a complete game changer in terms of comfort.

I have been researching office chairs for probably 10 years and I haven’t found anything that compares to these chairs. The secretlab chairs are known in the gaming world, but outside of that they really fly under the radar. 

Secretlab Titan Soft-weave
Secretlab Titan PU leather

It all started when I went to the mall a few months ago and sat in the Vertagear gaming chair. This was the first time I ever sat in a gaming chair and I loved it. It had good lumbar support and felt well made.

Although the Vertagear chair felt pretty good, I wanted to fully research gaming chairs before I purchased one. So I searched the many different gaming chair websites, read all the reviews about them, watched countless YouTube gaming chair video reviews and read all the reviews and options on Amazon.

The one company that stood out and was consistently top rated was Secretlab. But why exactly did I buy the secret lab chair over other chairs? There were three points that sold me:

・You can pick the chair type based on your body weight and size

・High quality build with ultra high quality materials

・Made with cold cured foam

What is exactly cold cured foam? This is what separates a regular chairs from superior chairs. This chair is made from a cold cured foam which regulates and keeps the density of the foam. Some examples of chairs with cold cured foam are the seats in luxury car brands and premium made furniture.  

The cheaper gaming chairs are made with regular foam (a hot curing process) which is less dense and softer, but sink in when you sit. This is bad for your posture.

Some examples of products that use this cheaper hot cured foam are low quality furniture like a sofa that sinks in and is soft vs the high density of the cold cured foam.

The Titan chair retains its form and provides the support you need to maintain your posture. This is what makes the difference; hence, you pay a premium price for this quality chair.

When you review Amazon there are many cheaper gaming chairs available. These may be budget friendly but are not of the same caliber. I wanted something that I would be stoked to sit in, all day, every day. 

There are two options for outer materials to chose from when purchasing your secretlab chair: the PU leather and the Soft-weave. As I didn’t know which material was better without trying them both I bought both versions. I use the PU leather at home and the Soft weave at the office.

If you are choosing between the two I will help you make your decision right now. The PU leather chair looks and feels more luxurious. This leather breathes like a leather sofa or a leather car seat. It’s a super nice feeling and I use this one at home. I recommend this one for leisure in a home type setting.

A side angle of the Secretlab Titan PU leather

The Soft-weave is more of an office type material or car seat material. It is practical if you are using this as an office chair in a work setting. It is less flashy so you could use it at work and still be professional and not look like a gamer guy. 

A side angle of the Secretlab Titan Soft Weave

I noticed right away I was sitting in a more ergonomic way in front of my computer with my body positioned with better posture. My back stiffness and pain is completely gone and I am enjoying what I am doing in front of the computer much more.

The secretlab chairs help keep your sitting posture in a healthy position

All in all, I hope this review puts someone into the Titan chair and changes their life for the better.

I hope this review helps someone else out!

Living my best chair life!