What is a Primary Indicator?

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What is a Primary Indicator?

A primary indicator is a trend indicator that is available on the MT4 platform. There are thousands of indicators and many different types.

These indicators generate a signal to either go long or short on the trade. Indicators are created in many different ways with a combination of mathematical averages smoothed and combined to create a result.

There are 1000s of indicators available and it is our job to search out the many varieties and test them against each other to find the best one.

An indicator can be on the charts and signal around or on the candles themselves. It can be below the charts separately indicating in the below box.

The types of indicators in the below box can be a simple bar that changes color from green (long) to red (short).

It could also be a zero line cross indicator, which would signal above zero (long) below zero (short).

It could combine more than one signal to equal the final signal such as a color change, a cross above the zero line and an additional cross of two lines which would finally mean go long or go short.

In my opinion the best indicators are the easiest to read and understand. The more complex the indicator looks does not necessarily mean it works better or worse.

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