Strategy Quant Lab FX Settings D1

FX Settings D1 Timeframe

  • Use Default Forex Settings

Data Tab

  • Change Symbol to GBPJPY – D1 timeframe
  • Data – Start: 2003 August 4th ~ 2019 July 31st

What to Build Tab

  • Change Stop Loss 100-300 pips
  • Profit target 200-500 pips

Genetic Tab

  • Turn off Show Last Generation

Trading Options

  • Leave Exit on Friday checked on

Building Block

  • Leave as is

Cross Checks

  • Higher Back test Precision Turned on – click on middle section and adjust spread values to 5. In the conditions section, turn average trades per month to 1.


  • Change average trades per month to 1.

Here is the config for the above settings.

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