Link Up Host VPS


I recently started using Link Up Host VPS for my Forex Trading VPS server. The set up with them only took 30 minutes after check out before I had my log-in credentials to my account.

I already knew how to access my VPS through Remote Desktop Connection and everything went pretty smooth.

I chose this VPS server company as they have a speciality in Forex VPS and the price is competitive with other providers. I went with the basic Forex 22 plan which is 22USD a month.

I am only running 1 MT4 terminal at this moment so this plan will suffice. The MT4 platform came preinstalled and my Expert Advisor is running as planned.

If you are using Expert Advisor strategies I recommend this VPS server. If you are unsure on which service to choose from, this company has been in business since 2011 and the customer service is prompt with help.

Some of the technical selling points on the plans are they offer 2 cores CPU, 2.5-3.5GB of RAM and 22GB of SSD Disk Space.

With these specs you can run more than one MT4 terminal and have a lot of expert advisors running at one time,

If you have any questions with my experience using Link Up Host VPS reach out to me,


By Dave

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