Lesson 6: Baseline – adding the baseline with the Primary + Secondary Confirmation indicators.

This is forex simulation software I use everyday.: https://soft4fx.com/software/forex-simulator.php

Here are the indicators I used in Lesson 6. I also included a template so you can match my screen exactly. You can download it here:


In the previous lesson I showed how the Primary Confirmation and Secondary indicators functioned.

In this lesson I will show you the basic entry by combining the Primary Confirmation, Secondary Confirmation and the Baseline Indicators.

This baseline indicator has a 14 period ATR band surrounding it. The functionality of this ATR Band is too easily be able to identify if the price is still within the 1 ATR zone.

If the price was over the 1 ATR zone on a basic entry we cannot open the trade. If it is within the 1 ATR zone, we can enter if the Primary and Secondary Confirmation Indicators Agree.

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