Lesson 16: Bridge Too Far Vs No Bridge Too Far Rule

This is the backtesting software I am using in the tutorial: https://soft4fx.com/software/forex-simulator.php

There is a rule in the VP playbook called the bridge too far. This is when your primary indicator has signaled 7 candles before and held that signal until all of your other indicators confirmed 7 candles after.

You are not to enter trades that do the above.

I have a slight difference in my algorithm rules but I implemented the same idea into it and followed it in this tutorial and to my surprise the results proved to be better following them.

I hope other traders can backtest rules into there trading systems and see the differences in their trading results.

Here is another golden place to search out your some great indicators. It is by far the best place. Here is the link.

I appreciate everyone participating on the website, please shoot me an email of anything else you want to share with everyone. – Dave

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