Lesson 15 – within 1 ATR rule adds robustness

This is the backtesting software I am using in the tutorial: https://soft4fx.com/software/forex-simulator.php

To follow all the rules or not, that is the question.

If you have not noticed I like to question and prove everything to myself. I cannot blindly follow a rule like within the 1 ATR entry without testing it against not using the rule on the same data.

This is why I think semi manually testing your algorithm with this software is the way to go and forget using an auto EA to test things out.

You get to practice trading and feel out how your indicators are dealing with the price changes.

In this example using the 1 ATR rule with the baseline was slightly more profitable but most important you can see using the 1 ATR rule added more robustness by putting you into less trades by avoiding some bad ones.

Here are the smoother results using the within 1 ATR rules
Here are the more jagged results not using the 1 ATR rules. Although slightly less profitable I prefer the results using the 1 ATR rule because you do less trades.

It really is a gentle dance of avoiding losses while trying to get you into trends.

I am particular about one man making indicators, his name is Mladen.

Here is a link to Mladen publications.

If you cannot find the exact indicator you want in his publication list you can search it and probably find it in MT4 if it is posted as MT5 on the www.forex-station.com website.

Essentially I think Mladen is just making the indicators that are actually originating from the magazine called technical analysis of stocks and commodities magazine.

I actually subscribed to this mag before for about 3 years. It was sometimes good and sometimes super boring but I noticed they always shared coding of indicators and that is what I think Mladen is doing when he is making indicators.

He is just copying the code and formulas from the indicators in this magazine that they make available to everyone. I think this is great.

Try out his indicators – so many good ones.

Thank you to everyone supporting my website, it means a lot to me. -Dave.

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