How to backtest

How to Backtest the No Nonsense Forex Method:

This is forex simulation software I use everyday.:

Lesson 1: Forex Simulation Software Review (Blog) +Youtube

Lesson 2: Identifying ATR/SL/TP/Setting 2 Orders with NNFX indicators (Youtube) + (Blog) downloadable indicators.

Lesson 3.1: Calculating your lot size on simulation software (Youtube) + (Blog) downloadable indicators.

Lesson 4: Is your indicator a repainter? (Youtube)+(Blog) + downloadable indicators.

Lesson 5: Trading with the Primary & Secondary Indicators – C1 + C2 Combo

Lesson 6: Lesson 6: Baseline – adding the baseline with the Primary + Secondary Confirmation indicators.

Lesson 7: Exit a trade – How to exit a trade and comparing exit indicators

Lesson 8: Volume and Volatility Indicator – How to add this into your trading algorithm.

Lesson 9: Basic Entry Rules – How to enter the trade

Lesson 10: Pull Back Entry Rules – How to enter the pull backs

Lesson 11: Continuation Trades: How to navigate and trade them

Lesson 12: The $EVZ & Dead Markets – Check the $EVZ level

Lesson 13: News Avoidance – How to do it

Lesson 14: Mean Reversion

Lesson 15: within the 1 ATR rule adds robustness

Lesson 16: Bridge Too Far Vs. No Bridge Too Far

Lesson 17.7: Testing your first 5 pairs / 5 years

More coming – Below under construction