Forex Simulation Software Review

You need to have good back testing software to test your algorithm.

Here is the website. The price is 109USD.

Here are the reasons why:

  • You are going to continue making new algorithms for your entire career.
  • You are going to need to efficiently test your indicators and get intimate with them.
  • Using your computer to do this instead of manually is going to remove human error.

I searched through all the different types of forex simulation software and this is by far the product with the lowest price and a robust set of options for forex and later down the road precious metals, oil and index trading.

I started my first No Nonsense algorithm at end of December 2018 and began my journey. I bought this simulation software a few months later and I have been using it ever since and as of this writing.

This is not the kind of product that is going to collect dust after a couple of months. There are many features of this software that are crucial to have and understand:

  • News Avoidance – these are times when you will not trade or take the trade off the day beforehand and re-enter the next day. There is no auto software that is letting you do this and this is going to make HUGE changes in your results.
  • $EVZ Levels – Under the close of Level 6. Guess what, that is defined as a dead market. So either you won’t be trading at all or you will be taking your profits at the first ATR profit level.
  • Getting Intimate with your indicators – What does this mean? Well, when you find good indicators you want to play with them and see how robust they are and what exactly happens when you change the settings. This happens when you play with it in software simulation.
  • Practice – Using this software will allow you to practice all the rules and make trades just as you would be doing it in real-time. Since eventually you will be using real money you definitely want to be practicing some of the procedures and rules since there are so many. You can do this forward testing but putting in some hours of practice on back testing let’s you forward test without second guessing your procedures and rules.

Some other features I liked are being able to test for repainting indicators, loading up strange and weird indicators and templates of other types of trading and just seeing how they work against the No Nonsense Trader Forex Method. These are all things you can explore.

I put my word behind this software it is well worth it!

I hope this helps you, if it did, shoot me an email:


Here is the website. The price is 109USD.

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