Caution Pairs


If you are trading the USD pairs you maybe want to use less risk or avoid them all together.


If you are trading the GBP you may also want to use less risk since of Brexit.

In the case you receive signal on GBP/USD and another GBP pair such as; EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF) go forth and choose later options with full risk rather than splitting the risk between the GBP/USD and EUR/GBP or GBP/CHF etc.

Previously VP avoiding trading the EUR/CHF because it did not trend well but now is trading it again cautiously which would mean using less risk percentage.

Favorite Pairs


EUR -Not affected by the USD that much, the news events are scattered, big news events are easy to spot.

GBP – doesn’t correlate with other pairs, GBP pairs don’t stagnate, news is easy to follow.

CHF – the most news neutral currency, moves with the EUR, less sporadic moves.


The best forex pair to trade, avoids USD, both risk-on currencies, doesn’t correlate that much, and early news can correct itself. this currency will either trend or consolidate.

Always take the trades on AUD/NZD when your system signals. Don’t split your risk between other NZD pairs just put full risk on the AUD/NZD if you are getting a signal at the same time from another pair such as JPY/NZD