Theoretical Income

How would your income really look like being a successful forex trader at a Prop Firm?

So if all of your plans went perfect, what would your income path look like working as a professional forex prop firm.

Let’s take the 5%ers trading firm plan from the lowest level. The 270USD plan.

Let’s give a conservative 1.25% gain per month as your progress.

I came to this number of 1.25% per month based on traders using the No Nonsense Forex method. I have been told results from a loss of 1% per month, a gain of 2% per month, and my own monthly gain of 1.66%.

A monthly gain of 1.25% X 12 = 15% per annum is a conservative estimate factoring losses and beginners learning curves.

Qualifying – Pay 270USD

Goal 6% divided by 1.25% per month = 4.8 months ( 5 months )

Payout 6000USD X 6% = 360USD divided 50% = 180USD… still minus – 90 in the hole but you are pro.

Level One (PM 1) 24,000YEN

Goal 10% divided by 1.25% per month = 8 months

Payout 24,000YEN x 10% = 2400USD divided 50% = 1200USD From start date: 1 year 2 months.

Level Two (PM 2) 48,000USD

Goal 10% divided by 1.25% per month = 8 months

Payout 48,000YEN x 10% = 4800USD divided 50% = 2400USD From start date: 1 year 9 months.

Level Three (PM 3) 96,000USD

Goal 10% divided by 1.25% per month = 8 months

Payout 96,000YEN x 10% = 9600USD divided 50% = 4800USD From start date: 2 year 5 months.

At this point… roughly 2 and half years of trading the NNFX method you have earned: 8400USD and made 289USD per month.

Let’s fast forward to the glory.

VP has probably passed away, youtube is no longer a thing, all the members of the NNFX discord and facebook page no longer exist.

Are the 5%ers even in business still?

5 years and 1 month later (I am doing this in Oct. 1st 2019) so that would mean the date is: November 1st, 2024

Level 7 (PM 7) 1,280,000USD

128,000USD X 10 % = 128,000USD split 50% = 64,000USD

Your total earnings would be 279,200USD after 5 years and 1 month but 50% split.

Your total earnings are: 139,600USD.

Your monthly earnings from inception: 2288USD per month.


First off, don’t quit your day job right! You aren’t going anywhere fast so screw those Ferrari dreams.

I mean maybe 5%ers is just a step in right direction to be a disciplined trader and not something you are ever going to live on.

It also is a good way to advertise your skills to other firms letting them know you have achieved some success trading.

Could you perform better?

Could you earn a better rate of return and slim down these estimates?

I think most likely that you could but by how much? .25% or .50% more per month on average factoring a bad month shaving off a few months to qualify each level, maybe a year of the entire endeavour if you are super trader.

It is really hard to say but I think my conservative estimates do put the entire thing in a more realistic perspective of what it means to be a funded trader at a prop firm.