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ICT stands for Inner Circle Trader who is a forex guru named Michael J Huddleston, who was VP (Patrick Victor) mentor.

As I learned more about the VP method of trading I always thought about what his mentor taught and if his methods would be useful.

Looks like douche, talks like a douche, must be a douche, Mr. mentor’s mentor ICT.

I have now embarked down the road of learning the ICT method of trading to see if the ICT method of trading is actually a legit method of trading or a fake guru who I will expose.

There are many bad reviews and exploitations about Mr. Huddleston that I will reveal here on my website BUT my main objective is to see if ICT and his price action trading method really do work.

(Status Update: It doesn’t work – he is fake. )

The reason I am doing is because I am intrigued if trading the London Open session of the Cable (USD/GBP) using the 15min. chart can be profitable.

Why this specific pair, time, and chart? Well, since I am in Japan this is the perfect time for me to trade, it’s starts 3pm. My brain is cognitively functioning at this time and everything I want to do in a day is done so I am free to put 100% effort into trading.

It just so happens that ICT loves trading the Cable and states the London Open is a great time for a volatile move to occur.

I was introduced to a method called the London Breakout which led me down the path of backtesting this strategy with mixed results. It goes as follows:

  • Take the High and the Low starting from 12am GMT to 6am GMT.
  • Use the 15min chart
  • Trade the breakout from that trading range.

I loved the simplicity of this trading concept but my results vary and I hoping ICT’s methods can help with this strategy.

I did some reviews on ICT on youtube, here, here and soon to be here.

There seems to be lots of bad reviews on ICT. I really wonder why someone would write essay long bad reviews like the ones located here on forex peace army.

One thing for sure is that Mr. Huddleston is making a lot of money but I can’t be sure that is from trade winnings at forex.

In this reply at the time of writing in 2018 he had 865 students paying 200 dollars a month. Quick math… 173,000USD per month x 12 months = 2,076,000USD per year for ‘mentoring’…. are you fucking kidding me? That is a fuck load of money for teaching forex.

Are you trying to convince me here Huddleston that I should remain biased to the fact your mentorship is reaping you millions of dollars per year?

At the bottom is where I get mention for my criticism of how much money he makes… I actually only estimated 10,000USD before I found the above comment which was in the forex peace army written 2018… I can only imagine he probably has 1000’s of students paying 200 USD per month…. fuccck…

I found the above comment about money a little cunty. He really has an unlikable personality. Is it a personal attack to question someone on a conflict of interest, that maybe he doesn’t have your best interest for your success in mind? What kind of teacher says this.

Most likely he doesn’t and he is a scam BUT I am going to prove that as we go along. For instance take this competition he entered which a dialogue has him boasting about how awesome he is but slowly fades and disappears and results deleted BUT… guess who found them.

Unfortunately some of the weirder evidence of this guy is taken down with copyrights on youtube from Michael himself. Whatcha hiding bucko?

In my first review video I linked a music video from a guy named Kardinal Cash who made a video about ICT withdrawing demo money… see example below.

Now all of this stuff aside. There are many followers of his study that swear he is super good. So… instead of trying smear and stain his name and methods I am hoping I can reveal how great he is – this is my hope at least.

As of this writing ( September 23rd, 2020) I finished into his youtube video W.E.N.T. series taking notes.

Please note: There are a few times in the series where he states that he will NEVER charge for his teachings. He is passing this on to us and hoping we will do this for someone else. Very sweet idea… I like it… unfortunately he is totally not doing that and not keeping his word…. haha..

I will say that the W.E.N.T. series is super good otherwise with tons of things I knew nothing about. Very great work Michael. I would like to give it 5 stars.

One great takeaway was in Video 4 where he says a discretionary trader vs. a systematic trader which takes all signals there system gives them can be very unproductive.

This would be like taking a long position signal from your VP algo at a key yearly high that is continually not being broken but taking it just because your system tells you to take it.

I thought this was a great logical disputable point against algo trading and why discretionary trading has it’s advantages.

If anyone reading this who is a ICT connoisseur or if Michael himself gives it a read and can advise which teachings would offer the best next step for success trading the Cable London Open. Please email me: nononsensetrader.com@gmail.com

The goal will be to share this successful method on the website and hopefully promote ICT in all his glory if he really is what he claims to be. – Dave.

Status Update: You can read my notes here: https://nononsensetrader.com/inner-circle-trader-notes/