Ultra Capital Fund Prop Firm

Why I like the 200,000k plan

By going with this plan after you pass the evaluation you are going to be trading a 200,000K account portfolio.

The same rules apply for the evaluation which is: a target of 6% and a drawdown of -8%.

Once you pass your evaluation and you earn your first 10% with your account, your first payout will be 20,000USD split 55% = 11,000USD

Why add gold/silver?

If you add gold/silver to the 200,000K plan you are adding more probability on your side to reach profit targets.

There no other prop firm even coming close with these trading probabilities for the trader to win so easily. The price to enter vs. opportunity to earn a lot of money is very much worth it for the trader.

If you were to make 10% with a personal account of 854.04USD that would only be a profit of: 85.40USD.

I think many prop firms are going to be losing their traders because their structures cannot compete with Ultra Capital Fund and I want to take advantage of this opportunity now.