News Avoidance

Avoid News Events whenever possible

Scheduled News Events Economic Indicators that are provided on news calendars that alert us.

-Avoid Trading During Elections.

-Avoid Events such as Grexit & Brexit.

Avoid these Short Term Events


NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls)

Interest Rates (FOMC)

Jerome Hayden “Jay” Powell Speaks Chair of the Federal Reserve

CPI (Consumer Price Index)


Interest Rates

Mario Draghi speaks – President of the European Central Bank


Interest Rates (Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee Vote) 0-0-9

GDP (gross domestic product)


Interest Rates

Employment Rate

Non-Farm Payrolls

Retail Sales

CPI (Consumer Price Index)


Interest Rates

Employment Rates


Employment Rates

GDP (gross domestic product)

GDT (global dairy trade) not available on forex factory website

Interest Rates ( Although haven’t moved since 5/2017)


Interest Rates


Libor Rate (Interest Rates)

Game Plan

Do not enter the trade if one of these news events is coming up within 24 hours.

If you are in a trade with a big event coming up – if you are in a losing trade with a big news event coming up, exit it.

If you are in a winning trade with a big event coming up – before the first ATR of profit taking, or took profit and trade is below the first ATR, exit it.

If you winning big, took the first ATR profit taker, and the trade is winning big as normal. Proceed and carry on as usual.

Those websites are as follows:

Forex Factory:

Street FX: