Daily Routine

This is your daily routine to trade the No Nonsense Forex Method:

-Wait until 1:40pm PST

(Since I am in Japan, I trade Tuesday to Saturday and I wake up slowly at 5am, make coffee, then hit the charts. I have until 5:55am before the Tokyo Server closes for maintenance)

Consult the $EVZ (Check the Volume/Volatility Levels) If the level is under 8 – reduce risk. * now updated to Level 7 as of December 16th, 2020.

-News Calendar (Check for important News Events on the different currencies, there are two sites to consult to do this: MyFxBook Calendar & FxStreet Calendar.

-Consult the White Board (Active Trades, Upcoming possibilities, Possible Pullbacks )

-Maintain Mode (Make sure SL or TP executed, Check Exit Indicator, Move SL)

-Scan for New Trades (Baseline, Confirmation, Volume)

-If yes to trade, write that pair down. (there may be more than one trade for one of the currencies written down)

-There also could be a Continuation Trade Available so consult the algo to see if the the requirements are met.

-Time to Trade (Figure out risk, SL & TP, enter market order, double check)