5%ers Plan

The 5%ers is a proprietary firm that funds forex traders. I chose this firm because it seems like the next best step for myself trading the No Nonsense Forex method.

Here is their website: https://the5ers.com/

I am going to join the Low Risk Program and start with the lowest level: 270USD (This is an affiliate link here. Tell me if you use it and I will send you valuable information about NNFX methods and indicators, namaste.)

The rules are pretty straight forward to qualify without going into all of the details. You can trade the NNFX way except you must avoid a draw down of -4% and you have 6 months to make 6% profit. Most importantly you cannot trade over 1.5% risk on a trade… This is where I make my amendment to the NNFX method.

Please see my Risk Control Game plan of attack for the 5%ers!

I want to make sure I qualify for this and looking at my current FX Book Results, my back testing results, re-watching and listening to the expectations of results I believe 6% return is achievable but I think it’s going to take at least 4 months minimum and most likely will take the entire 6 months. This is an underestimation of my performance but the future is really unknown.

In PDF form I created my risk control which consist of lowering the underachieving pairs to .5% risk, regular pairs to 1%, and if the $EVZ has an over 8 level, 1.25% risk on the overachieving pairs. See my PDF.

I believe I am ready for this step. I actually want a little more pressure on myself and test my physiological levels by committing to real money trading and a great satisfying reward if all goes as planned.

If the plan fails I still think it is not a waste of money or time. I think whatever mistakes I make or if the entire plan itself fails to work the entire thing will be scrutinized a lot more seriously then if I was doing this on a demo account.

To whomever is reading this wish me luck and please learn along side with me by watching it all go down on youtube! – Dave